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Donate Online through Network for Good

Do you shop online at Amazon? Expedia? Bed Bath & Beyond? JCPenney? Home Depot? Barnes & Noble?

These and over 1,200 other online stores will give a percentage of your purchase to KRCRC if you take the couple of minutes to set up the easy app! Once it's set up, it runs in the "background'; helping us couldn't be easier.

Here's how to do it:

     1. Go to, and sign up for their free membership.

     2. Designate "Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice" as your charity of choice.

     3. Download the 'iGive" button.

The iGive Button is a simple browser app. It tells stores that you want a percentage of every purchase you make donated to your cause or charity, at no cost to you.

That's it! Please take the time right now and get set up with iGive, and you'll be helping KRCRC achieve our goals every time you shop online. Thank you!


The other free way to help KRCRC? Get one of our Kroger gift cards, and you can be helpin us, at no cost to you, whenever you buy your groceries or gas at Kroger. send a $5 check to KRCRC, P.O. Box 4065, Louisville, KY 40204, and we'll send you Kroger gift card (preloaded with $5 to which you add more) and instructions for use.

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