Join hundreds of other Kentuckians keeping the fairth for reproductive choice. In addtion to your financial contribution, you can donate time and engery.

Contact us to get involved with any of the following activities.


    KRCRC collaborates with the American Civil Liberties Union/Reproductuive Health Project, National Council of Jewish Womeen and other organization s to lobby Kentucky legislators regarding reporodutive health and reproductive choice issues. The entire KRCRC community can be mobilized to send e-mails, letters and telephone calls to legislators when needed.


    Every Saturday morning the anti-choice activitists are at the EMW Women's Surgical Clinic in Louisville. The best way to experience the anti-choice venom is to participate in escorting. The anti-choice zealots are always there on Saturday mornings. They actively harrass, both verbally and physically, women who are exercising their choice to terminate a pregnancy. No woman should have to walk through their cruel gauntlet alone. KRCRC volunteers are there every Saturday morning to walk with these women so they do not feel alone and so the anti-choice folk know that there are people of faith who respect women to make their own choice and who are willing to bear witness by walking alongside them.

    Roe V Wade Annual Celebration

    RCRC sponsors an annual banquet celebration to mark another year of safe and legal reproductive services due to Roe v. Wade. The banquet is held in January in Louisville. We enjoy a program that usually includes a keynote speech, music, award presentations, and a town meeting where we discuss strategies and brainstorm ideas. This celebration is attended by people throughout the state who are invested in preserving safe, legal and comprehensive reproductive services for women.

    State Fair Booth

    KRCRC staffs a booth at the state fair each year. This is our way of maintaining visilbity and reaching people throughout the state who come to Louisville only once a year. We engage in conversation, share information and publications, and invite people to join the KRCRC community.


    Women who are coping with a problem pregnancy may choose to meet with a clergy person trained to provide all-options counseling. These clergy support women in finding a path through a problem pregnancy that is right for the woman and her family. Clergy do not judge nor do they try to pursuade women to pursue one option over another. For clergy counseling referral, contact us.

    Clergy Training

    If you are a member of the clergy and would like to offer all-options counseling to women and families coping with problem pregnancy, please consider attending a training session and joining the growing list of clergy making themselves available. To become an all-options counselor, contact us.


    Since it began, KRCRC has worked to reach out beyond its Louisville beginnings. Our volunteers are available to meet with individuals or groups throughout the state, where there is interest in starting to organize. It only takes a few individuals to begin a group. KRCRC can provide a resource person, a speaker, a discussion facilitator, a workshop, a video, publications, etc. Some members throughout the state have sponsored a KRCRC booth at county fairs or at school, church or community events. If you would like to connect with others in your area, contact us to see if we can help.

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